The following package provides carpet cleaning according to IICRC standards and manufacturers specifications by a certified technician.Our preferred cleaning package provides an excellent  value in addition to adhering to industry standards, however, does not include dry cleaning. Choose this package when 4-6 hours dry time is not an inconvenience. Includes seven step process.

1. Pre-inspection of carpet  

2. Dry vacuum carpet removes dry soils that damage carpet fiber.

3. Pre-condition heavily soiled areas with natural citrus-based cleaners. Removes as many stains as possible and also provides natural deodorization 

4. Soil Extraction with low moisture steam truck-mounted unit. Contains neutral rinsing agents recommended for stain resistant carpets aswell as wool and special fibers.

5. Application of fabric softeners and color brighteners removes detergent residue according to manufacturer's specifications leaving fibers bright and soft with a silky feel.

6. Furniture moving with exception of large beds, armoires, wall units televisions, audio/stereo equipment and computers.

7. Blocks and tabs placed under furniture to protect furniture that was moved.

$40.00 Per Room/2 Room Minumum

Up to 175 square feet, Living room/dining room combinations considered two rooms
OPTIONAL: Add $15.00 per room for carpet protector application 


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