RECOMMENDED That customer remove personal items and dry vacuum before our arrival.​

1. Pre-inspection of carpet 

2. Pre-condition heavily soiled areas with natural citrus based cleaners.
    Removes as many stains as possible and provides natural deodorization.

3. Soil extraction with low moisture steam, truck-mounted unit.  

4. Application of fabric softener and color brighteners removes detergent residue according to manufacturers specifications, leaving fibers bright and soft with a silky feel. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at

(561) 641-8878

$25.00 Per Room/4 Room Minimum

Up to 175 square feet per room 
Living room-dining room combinations considered two rooms
OPTIONAL: Add $15.00 per room for carpet protection application


The following carpet cleaning package provides a good value. Our value package is for customers needing traffic lane cleaning only.  We use only natural, earth friendly chemicals.Carpet dries in 4-6 hours. Includes four step process listed below.